Risk Management

Photograph showing a businessman walking quickly with determination through other blurred business people

Griffin Members, as both insured and insurer, have a strong interest in maintaining high professional standards in the conduct of their business, an approach which also has clear benefits from a commercial perspective.  Members are encouraged to demonstrate a management culture which embraces the implementation and observation of systems and procedures to control the level of risk faced by the business.

The Griffin Risk Management Programme supports and assists Members in achieving and maintaining those objectives, which are regarded as key to a secure foundation for a successful and well-managed insurance broking company.  This benefits individual Members and the Membership as a whole.

The Managers' risk management team has experience both in the implementation of sound and prudent management procedures and the particular professional environment in which Members are operating.  Through a regular cycle of visits and reviews, potential risk areas are identified, particularly those arising from new areas of practice or liability, and measures can be recommended for their control.