Liability Advice

Photograph illustrating advice provision by telephone

Griffin Members have unlimited access to advice from the Managers on a wealth of issues which, if not handled properly, could result in an errors and omissions exposure for a Member. Commercial legal advice cannot be given, but all possible assistance is provided to reduce the Member's potential exposure.

Matters on which liability advice has been given include:

  • Issues arising out of Law Commissions’ review of insurance law
  • Broker agreements e.g. terms of business agreements, transfers of business and binding authority agreements
  • IT/Online issues e.g. online placing agreements, cloud technology and website user agreements
  • Documents e.g. creation, retention and archiving procedures, confidentiality agreements and the Data Protection Act
  • Foreign business issues e.g. law and jurisdiction issues, licensing issues and translations
  • Money/Payment related issues e.g. premium payment warranties, entitlement to brokerage, and fee arrangements
  • Contractual issues e.g. onerous provisions in policy wordings (including indemnities), hold harmless agreements and limitation of liability
  • Bribery Act/Money Laundering/Sanctions
  • Third Party issues e.g. caveats, letters of undertaking and evidence of insurance letters