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Mutuality is about collective self-insurance. It is therefore in the interest of all Members, and will have been identified as an objective before joining the mutual, to adopt an approach to risk that benefits the Mutual as a whole.  This involves:

  • active participation in a collaborative risk management process
  • early notification of claims and circumstances and full co-operation and assistance in defending these
  • use of the in-house expertise provided by the Managers to give liability advice in respect of matters that potentially could give rise to issues of liability under the Rules
  • attendance at various Technical Forums and other lectures and seminars arranged by the Managers.

Griffin's main decision making body is its Board of Directors.  All Members are able to nominate individuals for election to the Board, thus ensuring that the Board is representative of the membership as a whole.  As well as the Board, there is a Committee made up of representatives from all Members and to which a full report of the Board's business is made twice a year.  Participation in Committee meetings is actively encouraged.